About Emily

Emily Brooks, a writer and advocate, writes to change perspectives on gender, sexuality, and disability. Currently, Emily writes from New York City, where she works with disabled young people and their families and pursues her MA in Disability Studies. Emily is involved in the autistic, LGBTQ, and alternative education communities.

Emily is on the Board of Directors for GRASP: The Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership. GRASP works to improve the lives of teens and adults on the autism spectrum through advocacy, education, and support.

Emily has eleven years' experience working with children, teenagers, and young adults with disabilities and their families in New Jersey, New York, and Guatemala. Her experience includes program coordination, group facilitation, creative arts, alternative education, sensory integration, and assistant teaching. Emily Brooks  has experience running playgroups, homeschool classes, and support groups for disabled and non-disabled young people and their parents. She does public speaking and consulting work with caregivers, college students, businesses, and disability professionals. Emily will happily receive inquiries for interested individuals or groups. 

Most recently, Emily Brooks spoke at the United Nations for World Autism Awareness Day 2015. As a speaker for the panel at the UN's "Employment: The Autism Advantage" event, Emily addressed workplace discrimination and autistic adults. Emily's speech can be viewed on the United Nations' website at the 1 hour and 22 minute mark.

Other speaking engagements have included giving a commencement speech to graduates of a NYCDOE District 75 school, speaking at a gala, and addressing special education teachers in a graduate school classroom. Emily Brooks recently spoke on a panel about autism and higher education in September 2015. Emily also presents to organizations about autism in the workplace.